A tracked carrier in the maintenance shop at Carriers Canada


Carriers Canada is a fully authorized service provider for KATO, Morooka and Terrramac products, and is an approved Cummins repair centre. With over 30 years in the field, we are proud to offer full-scale, 24/7, services for customers from a wide variety of sectors including the Oil & Gas, Seismic, Mining and Exploration, Pipeline, and Construction industries.

For customers with an existing crawler carrier product, our in-house team of professional mechanics and engineers offers reliable service and custom-tailored solutions for any make or model of carrier. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive repair and maintenance packages, including: 

  • Standard upkeep, oil changes, engine overhauls
  • Major component repairs including track drive assemblies
  • Undercarriage repairs or rebuilds



Carriers Canada has access to a large network of OEM and aftermarket parts. We also stock core components on-site to provide quick turnarounds on repairs and maintenance jobs.

Our team understands the need for quick and reliable parts, and in providing full-scale solutions. We make every effort to give our customers peace of mind, as a trusted source of knowledge and support.